Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An "Eggs"citing Easter

Despite going to bed extremely late after being the entertainer extraordinaire at our friends' house Saturday night, Sweet Bean was up by 8:30, which by GG standards is quite early. After hurrying through our morning routine, we were loaded up and on our way to spend Easter afternoon with two of our most favorite people, Gee-Gee and Pop.

As soon as we pulled into the neighborhood, Gillian Grace knew exactly where we were and almost immediately began asking for "Indows (windows) down and more eggs!"

And as if possessed by the Easter Bunny himself, once the car rolled to a stop in the driveway, Sweet Bean couldn't wait to get out, keeping a singular goal in mind---gathering every egg she could get her tiny hands on.

Without a sea of other children to battle for egg-finding-supremacy, GG was Queen of the Yard. Hoarding and shaking gigantic eggs until her little heart was content.   

While it was Pop's idea to purchase and stash the super-sized eggs about the yard, Gee-Gee is owed all the credit for the little surprise hidden within a few "special" eggs---Disney themed matchbox cars! It seems that it's never to early for GG to follow in the shoes of both her mommy and Pop and develop a love of cars.

For a while we've often thought that Gillian Grace was quite ingenious when it comes to problem solving, and this past weekend proved no different.

I guess you could say she's "eggs"celent at finding the easiest solution possible!

Mid-day, Aunt Helen and Uncle James stopped by for a quick visit on their way to several other Easter engagements, bringing with them an adorable snuggly bunny pillow-pet for Bean.

I cannot imagine a more fitting way to spend a day a beautiful Spring day and celebrate the resurrection of Christ, than to be in the company of amazing friends and family. And though the company was lovely, I can't forget to mention the food, which of course was top-notch, thanks to chefs, Gee-Gee and Pop.

He is Alive and we are beyond blessed and forever thankful!