Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gillian Grace is 21 months old!

Dear Gillian Grace,

You turned 21 months old on April 20th. I can't imagine a time when I sit down to mark one of your monthly milestones and don't think to myself, "You're growing up too fast!"

Since your 18 month post, you've been asserting your independence even more, wanting to do more and more on your own and without any assistance. Over the past three months, we've seen your tender side grow as well, and you now routinely dole out hugs and kisses for those you love.

I am running the risk of sounding like a broken record with this next comment, but this is such a fun age with you!  You are learning and talking so much now, I never know what exciting event or accomplishment lies just ahead.

You are incredibly observant, commenting all the time about the things you see. Your memory is impeccable which serves as a constant reminder that I need to be wary of what I say in your presence. If I promise that we can play outside after an afternoon spent running errands, you will be there, johnny-on-the-spot to remind me with "Outside, outside, Momma, now!" seconds after we walk in the door. You have the page sequence memorized in many of your favorite books and know just what's coming next on some of your favorite repeat t.v. shows, like Sesame Street.

Speaking of Sesame Street, you still love your furry best friend, Elmo though these past few months you've broadened your social circle to include all the characters of Yo Gabba Gabba! Listening to you repeat all the names of the Yo Gabba Gabba critters during the show's introduction cracks us up every time!

You remain as precocious as ever, testing the boundaries of what's acceptable and what's not. There are times when it seems that you do something just to watch the reaction that your daddy and I will have. And, I must say, though we try our best not to let you see, there have been occasions when your stubborness simply gets the best of us, and we're overcome with the urge to laugh. 

You know 25 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. N is still a mystery, but I have little doubt that it will not be that way for much longer. Numbers are a work in progress, though you seem to have a flair for the evens. 2,4,6,8---GG knows her numbers great!

You are still going to Kindermusik and Little Gym two days a week, although Little Gym is your hands down favorite. Little Gym has not only been good for you, but for Mommy as well. We've both made friends and continue to have playdates with your new pal, Ashlyn whom you like to call your "bestie".

In Little Gym you've learned to tumble and to follow directions. Your favorite remains hanging from the bars---of any height. High or low, you love them all and head straight for the bars as soon as Ms. Michelle opens the gym doors. Thank goodness we've already signed you up for Little Gym this Summer and Fall, as I have a feeling it would be something you'd really miss. Plus with Miss Ashlyn signed up for the same classes, I look forward to watching as your friendship continues to blossom.

Even though you're 100% girly girl, with your smocked clothes, and hair bows, you do love your time outside, trucks, and toy cars. Getting dirty doesn't seem to phase you as it once did, but it could be because you also enjoy washing your hands. I only wish you enjoyed brushing your teeth as much as you enjoy washing your hands, but that's a whole other post, I suppose.

You enjoy coloring and make the prettiest scribbles on paper and your dry erase pad. My hope is that we can continue to work on the names of all the colors, but up to now, you've just not been interested---whatsoever!

A few months ago, you took it upon yourself to rename Gammie and Grandad. Out of nowhere you began calling Grandad, "Pop" and Gammie, "Gee-Gee".  Of course they were more than willing to go along with this new whim of yours, and now it seems as though these new names have stuck!  Gee-Gee and Pop are by far, two of your favorite people. You know where we are the second our car pulls into their neighborhood, often exclaiming, "Gee-Gee and Pop's house!" You never fail to shed a few tears every time we leave their company, but who could blame you? Gee-Gee and Pop are very good to you not just with gifts and trinkets, but with what matters most, their time and energy.

You have stopped referring to Jesus in your storybook as Ho Ho (Santa) and now call Him by His name. This summer Daddy and I have plans to start back to church and introduce you to the nursery. Though I do not know exactly what to expect when we leave you for the first time, I do know {and feel strongly}, that we owe it to you to provide you the opportunity to get to know and love God. After all, He has blessed our lives immensely!

We love you bigger than the sky and wider than the ocean, knowing that with you in our lives, every day is better than the last.


about 29 pounds

Clothes size 2 and 3 T

Diaper size 5

Shoe size 5

 A few of Sweet Bean's favorite words: