Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Baby

Last week, Sweet Bean and I headed across the bay to the Splash Pad for a playdate with Ashlyn and a few other little friends.

Even though I knew that capturing one extremely active toddler with the camera was tough, I quickly learned that capturing two practically requires divine intervention---those little buggers move f-a-s-t!

{Hopefully, the first of many photo ops with her "bestie," Miss Ashlyn.}

This was our first time at The Pad, though it definitely won't be our last---Gillian Grace loved it! She was totally in her element, considering she's been a water baby since her first dip in the pool at a ripe ol' age of 7 weeks. Not only are there plenty of fountains to keep the kids entertained, but it seems that nearly every family brings a car full of water goodies, that most are willing to share.  And the best part, the Splash Pad is 100% free!

With the weather surprisingly toasty for late April, I shudder to think what it will be like this summer, but one word does come to mind---UNBEARABLE. Fortunately, ample umbrella covered benches and tables surround the fountain area, giving easily overheated moms like me, a little respite from the heat!

And even though I forgot to snap any pictures of my little fashionista before she disrobed and headed into the fun zone, GG definitely looked the part of someone looking for a little fun in the sun. All decked out and coordinated from head to toe, I was so thankful for the last minute trip to Target and the purchase of Tiddliwinks (Crocs). While others were slipping on the pavement and stubbing tiny toes, GG never missed a second of her playtime, thanks to her super pink fancy feet!

And my absolute favorites---Sweet Bean having her own Marilyn Monroe moment! Classic!