Monday, May 9, 2011

A Big Weekend

We kicked off a big weekend with another trip Friday to the Splash Pad for a playdate with Miss Ashlyn.

And as usual, Gillian Grace had a blast!

Saturday was full of chores, from start to finish! Sweet Bean spent most of her day outside splitting her time between the pool and running around doing her best to "help" out.

By the time Sunday rolled around, everyone was almost too pooped to participate! Almost...

Not only was Sunday Mother's Day, but it was also Bret's 32nd birthday!

We spent the day in poolside in Pensacola celebrating the day with Gee-Gee, Pop, Aunt Helen, and Uncle James. Even though Gee-Gee and Pop already have a humongous a backyard pool, they couldn't resist the chance to surprise Sweet Bean with her very own purple spraying hippopotamus pool! 

Not only did Sweet Bean adore her newest pool, but I got to watch the marathon splashfest from the comfort of a dry lawn chair without stepping foot inside a swimsuit---a real WIN WIN in my book!

Sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in all the hoopla surrounding special days. But, if yesterday taught me anything, I learned that celebrations and holidays don't always live up to your expectations! At the end of the day, sometimes they exceed them. After all, it's not about the gifts received, but the time spent with those you love that matters most. Watching Sweet Bean play, seeing her smile, and hearing her belly-laughs was all the present any of us needed to feel like luckiest people in the world.