Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Week-in-Pictures

The neighborhood got a little wild and crazy Saturday night, as Gillian Grace and her partner-in-crime (and neighbor) Gracie, cruised the street. Good thing I had my phone handy and was able to catch these girls in action. Apparently, our girls just wanted to have fun!

Sunday, Bret and I were treated to a private concert by our very own Little Drummer Girl.

On Monday Gillian Grace had her first, of many, playdates at our house with this little cutie.

Miss Ashlyn and GG enjoyed each others' company swimming and playing, hugging and laughing for much of the day. They even shared a FIRST---a popsicle treat! Can you say, yummy?!

Thursday, we headed across the bay to celebrate Sweet Bean's bestie's birthday. Even though the festivities at the park were cut short because of passing thunderstorms, we were able to keep the party going with lunch and a playdate with the Birthday Girl.

At lunch (and one change of clothes later)...

Our playdate at the Birthday Girl's house...

What a tiring FUN week!